This page is  reguarly updated with events run by Orienteering Taranaki.


  1. Click into event listing of the event you wish to participate and click the register button..
  2. Select the number of maps that you are booking. This must not exceed the number of people planning to attend, (individual names will be taken at registration on the day)
  3. Please pay online. Once you have paid your waterproof map will have been booked.


White - Beginner courses which are designed to follow large features like tracks or fences therefore guiding the competitor around the course. Good starting point to get familiar with following a map, understanding and reading the symbols on the map

Yellow – This is an extension on the white courses where controls will still be on prominent features but placed at decision points so that the competitor will need to make a decision on the direction to the next control.  Both courses mainly use compasses to get a direction of travel or orientate the map but can be done without.

Orange –courses have navigational risk that can be taken by the competitor, all controls will be placed on a feature and will generally have “stepping stones” or attack points to guide you into a control. Time can be saved by taking an aggressive route choice or minimise mistakes by choosing a safer route. These courses generally are the perfect way to practice the core orienteering and compass skills, before tackling a red course.

Red – Red courses are the most difficult where all the technical skills of an orienteer will be tested, compass work, contour reading and route choice. Some red courses can be shorter than an orange course but more technically difficult. Controls will be placed to test navigation so that the competitor needs to decide how they will approach a leg.






Upcoming events

Middle Distance Orienteering Three - Audrey Gale
Sun 21 Jul 2024 12:00 — 14:30
Audrey Gale
Classic Orienteering Four - Pukekura Park Not open
Sun 18 Aug 2024 12:00 — 14:30
Classic Orienteering Five - Barrett Domain Not open
Sun 22 Sep 2024 12:00 — 14:30
Barrett's Domain
Classic Orienteering Seven - Rataphiphi Not open
Sun 17 Nov 2024 12:00 — 14:30
Oceania Warm-up Event - Middle Distance
Sat 18 Jan 2025 13:00 — 17:00
TOPEC, Hydro Road
Oceania Warm-up Event - Long Distance
Sun 19 Jan 2025 10:00 — 14:00